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June 2024
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norms of movement


where does the spontaneous movement end and the regulated & established movement begin?
why are many movements so similar, so predictable, so practical?
at what point does movement transcend into dance?
and why is what is broadly called dance reduced to performed movements in certain moments and places, when body and movement are what we are, what we are made of?
we are all born with a brain that enables us to think, just as we are born with a body...then why don't we use it beyond everyday actions? why don't we embrace and play, painting and creating shapes in the space around us?
why do we only use the minimum of its capacities?

Start of the actions happening in different places at 12pm, pavillon bürkliplatz

neel jansen (dance), mara peyer (dance) & joão lucas (double bass) – curated by graciela martínez arribas



address, direction, accessibility

Musikpavillon Bürkliplatz
Tram Bürklipl., 8001 Zürich

- 1 minute walk from the station Bürkliplatz (tram nr. 2, 5, 6, 8, 9, 11)

the norms of movement is a performance in a public space. The event will move around the city. It can be followed by walking. It is possible to visit the event with a wheelchair. We will guide assistenace for the pavillion at Bürkliplatz, since there are steps to overcome. Since it is a public event on publice ground, people are being asked to use the public restrooms. If you wish to visit the concert and want support, please feel free to contact our team and we will arrange a support who accompany you throughout the event. Contact: / 079 398 51 31


Graciela was born in Madrid where she studied at the Professional Conservatory of Dance from 1989 to 2002. After getting her diplome, she joined the English National Ballet in London. In 2004 she got her first Solo contract at the Ballet de l'Opera de Nice, and in 2011 she was engaged by the Staatstheater am Gärtnerplatz in Munich. Thanks to this diversity of companies, choreographers and styles she developed her own identity as a choreographer and dance teacher and since 2017 she is living in Switzerland. She holds a degree in Choreography and Performing Arts from Escuela Superior de Danza y Musica in Madrid and teaches in different places such as ASVZ ETH- Zurich, Tanzwerk101, Dancetown, etc. In 2019  Graciela and Neel they got the support from Bühne Aarau and Aargauer Kuratorium and they stablished thei own company called Lit Dance Company.

Since Mara Peyer's childhood, dancing has been part of her life. She started dancing lessons at the age of 6 and knew from the beginning that the passion for movement would always accompany her. She was accepted onto the prestigious Zurich University of the Arts' Contemporary Dance programme and received my Bachelor's degree in 2021. In the years that followed, she gained a lot of experience as a dancer and choreographer. During this time, she learnt a lot about the musculoskeletal system and its capabilities. At the same time, her interest in the body-mind connection and its potential to improve the quality of life grew. She began to incorporate meditation, breathwork and somatic training into her own routine.

Neel Jansen danced all over the world, due to the many tournees that the company programmed, and learned in this trips a lot about the different cultures and styles of dance. Thanks to the many contemporary choreographers that constantly came to create, Neel had the chance to learn from them, develope his own way of choreographing and find his own dance style. It is since 2010 that he started choreographing as freelance with Graciela Martínez pieces like “Il eté une fois a Shanghai” for the Expo-Shanghai 2010, “Die Schöpfung” and “The new world” for the Madrigal Chor in Brackenheim, or  “Vivaldi Reloaded” with the Kammerorchestra of Zurich and Daniel Hope. In 2017 he moved out of Munich and came to Switzerland to become a Freelance Dancer/ Teacher/ Choreogapher.


photo by mpho mokgadi