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June 2024
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chinese chinatour


chinese chinatour is a musical journey, travelling through china’s richness and diversity of chinese musical traditions and regions curated by chinese-french based musician chengyi wang. the concert features a variety of traditional chinese instruments, including the guzheng, pipa and yangqin. the haunting melodies and bewitching rhythms transport the audience throughout china’s different regions, portraying and reflecting a storytelling of chengyi wang’s musical journey and china's musical traditions.

performance at 5pm, courtyard zunfthaus zur meisen

jian chen (guzheng), yiqing liu (pipa) & chengyi wang (yangqin) – mentored by kay zhang

address, direction, accessibility

Münsterhof 20
8001 Zürich

- 3 minute walk from Paradeplatz (tram nr. 2, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 13)

- 1 minute walk from Helmhaus (tram nr. 4, 15)

the chinese china tour is a concert in a openly backyard which is on the groundlevel. Possibilities for wheelchairs. There is a vicafé next to it with a groundlevel toiket. If you wish to visit the concert and want support, please feel free to contact our team and we will arrange a support who accompany you throughout the event. Contact: / 079 398 51 31


Chen Jian began learning traditional Chinese music - guzheng at the age of six. In 2006, he graduated from Hangzhou University of Masters. He has won awards in various competitions and has given many solo concerts. He is the first and only Chinese musician in the world to professionally and systematically learn to use the traditional Chinese musical instrument - Guzheng, for the creation and performance of modern improvisation music. His performance in modern improvisation music has been appreciated and loved by famous musicians such as Joëlle Léandre, Philippe Pannier, Jonathan Potier, Park Stickney, etc. He has participated in numerous Chinese cultural exchanges and activities in France, and he has also been a guzheng teacher at the Maison Pour Tous Les Richardets in Noisy-le-Grand, the Confucius Institute in Paris, etc. He has participated in many events organized by UNESCO, various cities and district governments in Paris, the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in France, the Chinese Film Festival in Paris, various Asian cultural and artistic associations in France, famous companies, foundations, and foreign groups. Received a positive response.

Chengyi Wang is a graduate of the prestigious Xi'an Conservatory of Music. She is the president and founder of the Cymbalum Art Association, and the president of the Chinese Orchestra of Paris. She was born into a family of musicians. Her father, WANG Yifu, is the originator of the Yangqin art. He was the most renowned artist and educator in China. From a young age, she began learning Yangqin from her father, who passed on to her the method, culture, and soul of music. In China, she conducted several exclusive individual interviews with national radio and released her first solo album. In 1995, she moved to Paris. After more than 20 years of tireless efforts, Wang Chengyi's Yangqin performances have spread throughout France and even to nearly 30 countries in Asia, Europe, and Africa, etc. Performances are not only limited to concert halls and theaters, but also in major libraries, schools, and music academies. She has also taught many Yangqin students, fulfilling her wish to bring Chinese music to the rest of the world. Along the way, her performance not only preserves and inherits the unique charm of Chinese Yangqin art but also integrates into European musical culture and continues to move forward on the path of promoting and disseminating traditional Chinese musical art. The nation belongs to the world.

yiqing liu, a pipa performer, was born in 1980 into a family of musicians. At the age of 6, he began learning the pipa from his father, Liu Jianzhou. In 2005, he went to study in France and obtained his DEM jazz diploma from the Regional Conservatory of Saint-Maur-des-Fosses in 2011. In 2023, he obtained his DEM in improvisation from the Regional Conservatory of Aubervilliers. Currently, he is dedicated to promoting Chinese musical culture and innovating Sino-Western musical fusion, as well as improvisation in France. He is an independent musician based in France. During his time in France, he has collaborated with numerous musicians from around the world, seamlessly integrating elements of traditional Chinese music into various musical styles. He keeps abreast of current trends and explores avenues of innovation in traditional Chinese music with an international perspective. He uses the international musical language to convey and promote traditional Chinese music, connecting it with the world. During his time in France, he has performed nearly a thousand concerts in various European countries. Every year, he participates in cultural promotion concerts organized by the Chinese Embassy in France, cultural promotion performances of the Confucius Institute, concerts at the Asian Cultural Center in France, the opening of the Chinese Film Festival in France, UNESCO concerts, Franco-Chinese cultural performances organized by the Cannes French television channel, as well as recording accompanying music for French children's books.