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16 to 23
June 2024
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a draft of the anthropocenic sonorities


this proposal is a dialogue with the world in its physical whole. it is about engaging everything that the musician can perceive, reach, manipulate, all kinds of objects and materials constituting the world as we know it today then becomes a potential instrument, a potential part of the orchestration.

love lokombe, co-founder of the legendary group kokoko from kinshasa and founder of ngwaka son système and trinity ‘mother dubber’ njume-ebong, researcher, curator and record collector explore the state of the human environment and the environment beyond the humankind, because sound preceded humankind and will survive them. but what kind of sounds do they emanate from a world that now bears its decried, celebrated, feared and perhaps irreversible imprint?

start at 10pm, at provitreff

love lokombe (musician/founder ngwaka son système) & trinity ‘mother dubber’ njume-ebong (dj/researcher) – curated by sinzo aanza


address, direction, accessibility

Sihlquai 240
8005 Zürich

- Closest tram station: Quellenstrasse (tram 4,13,17), 3 min walk
- Closest bus station: Escher-Wyss-Platz (bus 72), 9 min walk

the concert is at provitreff zurich which is completely on groundlevel and wheelchair friendly including toilets. If you wish to visit the concert and want support, please feel free to contact our team and we will arrange a support who accompany you throughout the event. Contact: / 079 398 51 31


Best known as a founding member of the band Kokoko! with whom he toured the world, Love Lokombe is a songwriter, singer and multi-instrumentalist based in Kinshasa. He is considered one of the fathers of the alternative musical genre Kizoba zoba.

Trinity Mesime Njume-Ebong is a born art enthusiast who sees the world in shapes, colour, texture, letters and scent. She possess an over-the-average passion for different cultures, modern & contemporary art, social criticism and international relations. Worked for many years in the local Geneva alternative cultural sector. Former member of numerous art organizations and autonomous cultural centers, most of which have since ceased to exist.

Sinzo Aanza is a Congolese photographer, visual artist and writer whose work focuses on the radicality of fictions, questioning the ways of telling, saying and acting in instituted social fictions, such as his country, Congo, but also fictions in motion such as ideals, technological virtuality, marginal fictions such as self-image, encompassing fictions such as political and religious communities, etc. Sinzo writes short stories, novels, poetry and plays.


photo by love lokombe